About us

As a registered cultural association, we bring together people from the Rhine-Main area with their diverse abilities and possible forms of expression.

Our work is non-profit and non-commercial.

We enrich the cultural offer through the continuous development of our events in the field of electronic music. We pay special attention to a responsible conception and create spaces that are in the sense of the visitors. In doing so, we collectively reflect on our actions and want to develop further together.
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Our values
We form a community characterized by empathy, trust, respectful communication and shared enthusiasm. We take responsibility within a voluntary framework and reflect together on our actions within the association.
We try to conserve resources and recycle as much as possible. We want to avoid pollution and damage to the environment as much as possible with our activities.
We draw attention to social problems with our activities and are activist-oriented. With our revenues we support social institutions and increase the visibility for charitable engagement.
Our goals
When designing our events, we make sure that all visitors feel safe and welcome. We continuously develop our concepts to ensure that they are barrier-free, diverse and inclusive.
We create spaces that enable the promotion and realization of creative potential. To this end, we empower our members through an organized association culture and ensure that the necessary funds are raised and made available.
Close cooperation with other associations is very important to us. We actively approach other associations and cultural workers and support when we are asked for help. In this way we work towards a strong network of charitable and cultural activity.

Teams and work areas

Social media

For our online presence, the social media team works on planning, designing and implementing the social media presence on various channels. This includes the editorial and graphic preparation of content as well as campaign planning.

Graphic & Design

For the further development of our events and their branding, the identity of EinKlang is visualized in the area of graphic design. The photographic and videographic accompaniment of our events also belongs to this area.


In the area of design, we work to make our events atmospheric, creative and familiar. This includes, for example, the loving decoration of rooms and stages at our events.

Artists* Collective

We plan the musical design of our events in our artist:inside collective. This includes DJs as well as light jockeys, who are responsible for live lighting design during gigs.

Light and sound

We carry out our events completely ourselves, which also includes the setup of sound and light systems. The technical tinkering with sound and light for our events and the handling of technology on site are essential tasks of this area.


In the area of IT, we manage and develop our own internal and also external platforms, which we use for external representation and for the association's work.


At our events, we want to create a safe space for everyone present. We do not tolerate discrimination and harassment of any kind and want all our guests to feel comfortable. To ensure this, we have created an awareness concept that we are constantly developing. As an awareness team, we are the contact persons for our guests at our events in case of any incidents.

Ecological sustainability

Sustainability and a positive approach to the environment are very close to our hearts. In the area of sustainability, we develop concepts for our events to protect nature in the best possible way.
If you would like to get involved with EinKlang, feel free to think about the areas of work you see yourself doing with us and contact us.
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Advisory board
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